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Poster Session 1

Poster Session 1 (June 23, Thursday, 13:00-14:00)

Poster #Paper #AuthorsPaper Title
133Stephen Tu, Alexander Robey, Tingnan Zhang and Nikolai MatniOn the Sample Complexity of Stability Constrained Imitation Learning
2110Amir Khazraei, Henry Pfister and Miroslav PajicResiliency of Perception-Based Controllers Against Attacks
3146Saber Jafarpour, Matthew Abate, Alexander Davydov, Francesco Bullo and Samuel CooganRobustness Certificates for Implicit Neural Networks: A Mixed Monotone Contractive Approach
47Steven Morad, Stephan Liwicki, Ryan Kortvelesy, Roberto Mecca and Amanda ProrokModeling Partially Observable Systems using Graph-Based Memory and Topological Priors
56Anirudh Vemula, Wen Sun, Maxim Likhachev and J. Andrew BagnellOn the Effectiveness of Iterative Learning Control
64Ting-Han Fan, Xian Yeow Lee and Yubo WangPowerGym: A Reinforcement Learning Environment for Volt-Var Control in Power Distribution Systems
754Samuel LowOptimizing Pointing Sequences with Resource Constraints in Large Satellite Formations using Reinforcement Learning
8141Daniel Gurevich, Debdipta Goswami, Charles L. Fefferman and Clarence W. RowleyOptimal Control with Learning on the Fly: System with Unknown Drift
9170Thomas Lew, Lucas Janson, Riccardo Bonalli and Marco PavoneA Simple and Efficient Sampling-based Algorithm for General Reachability Analysis
1032Yuda Song, Yuan Ye, Wen Sun and Kris KitaniOnline No-regret Model-Based Meta RL for Personalized Navigation
1146Yansong Li and Shuo HanAccelerating Model-Free Policy Optimization Using Model-Based Gradient: A Composite Optimization Perspective
1256Yifeng Jiang, Jiazheng Sun and C. Karen LiuData-Augmented Contact Model for Rigid Body Simulation
13160Muhammed Sayin and Kemal CetinerOn the Heterogeneity of Independent Learning Dynamics in Zero-sum Stochastic Games
14147Julian Viereck, Avadesh Meduri and Ludovic RighettiValueNetQP: Learned one-step optimal control for legged locomotion
15117Ningyuan Zhang, Wenliang Liu and Calin BeltaDistributed Control using Reinforcement Learning with Temporal-Logic-Based Reward Shaping
16106Zhe Du, Necmiye Ozay and Laura BalzanoClustering-based Mode Reduction for Markov Jump Systems
1787Saul Santos, Monica Ekal and Rodrigo VenturaSymplectic Momentum Neural Networks – Using Discrete Variational Mechanics as a prior in Deep Learning
1888Charis Stamouli, Anastasios Tsiamis, Manfred Morari and George J. PappasAdaptive Stochastic MPC under Unknown Noise Distribution
1934Thinh DoanConvergence Rates of Two-Time-Scale Gradient Descent-Ascent Dynamics for Solving Nonconvex Min-Max Problems
20113Tianhao Wei and Changliu LiuSafe Control with Neural Network Dynamic Models
21148Yifei Zhang, Sourav Ukil, Ephraim Neimand, Serban Sabau and Myron HohilSample Complexity of the Robust LQG Regulator with Coprime Factors Uncertainty
22108Marcos VasconcelosLearning distributed channel access policies for networked estimation: data-driven optimization in the mean-field regime
2373Vittorio Caggiano, Huawei Wang, Guillaume Durandau, Massimo Sartori and Vikash KumarMyoSuite: A contact-rich simulation suite for musculoskeletal motor control
2441Franck Djeumou, Cyrus Neary, Eric Goubault, Sylvie Putot and Ufuk TopcuNeural Networks with Physics-Informed Architectures and Constraints for Dynamical Systems Modeling