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Poster Session 2

Poster Session 2 (June 23, Thursday, 16:15-17:15)

Poster #Paper #AuthorsPaper Title
119Haitong Ma, Changliu Liu, Shengbo Eben Li, Sifa Zheng and Jianyu ChenJoint Synthesis of Safety Certificate and Safe Control Policy using Constrained Reinforcement Learning
221Samarth Sinha, Jiaming Song, Animesh Garg and Stefano ErmonExperience Replay with Likelihood-free Importance Weights
340Cameron R. Wolfe and Anastasios Kyrillidisi-SpaSP: Structured Neural Pruning via Sparse Signal Recovery
451Yuanhanqing Huang and Jianghai HuDistributed Stochastic Nash Equilibrium Learning in Locally Coupled Network Games with Unknown Parameters
594Rameez Wajid, Asad Ullah Awan and Majid ZamaniFormal Synthesis of Safety Controllers for Unknown Stochastic Control Systems using Gaussian Process Learning
6165Ivan Dario Jimenez Rodriguez, Noel Csomay-Shanklin, Yisong Yue and Aaron D. AmesNeural Gaits: Learning Bipedal Locomotion via Control Barrier Functions and Zero Dynamics Policies
71Daniel JungAutomated Design of Grey-Box Recurrent Neural Networks For Fault Diagnosis using Structural Models and Causal Information
817Olle Kjellqvist and Anders RantzerLearning-Enabled Robust Control with Noisy Measurements
959Gautam Goel and Babak HassibiOnline estimation and control with optimal pathlength regret
1069Franck Djeumou and Ufuk TopcuLearning How to Reach, Swim, Walk and Fly in One Trial: Control of Unknown Systems with Scarce Data and Side Information
1183Agustin Castellano, Hancheng Min, Enrique Mallada and Juan Andrés BazerqueReinforcement Learning with Almost Sure Constraints
12142Lukas Brunke, Siqi Zhou and Angela P. SchoelligBarrier Bayesian Linear Regression: Online Learning of Control Barrier Conditions for Safety-Critical Control of Uncertain Systems
13180Brett Lopez and Jean-Jacques SlotineAdaptive Variants of Optimal Feedback Policies
14167Raghu Arghal, Eric Lei and Shirin Saeedi BidokhtiRobust Graph Neural Networks via Probabilistic Lipschitz Constraints
15143Yuchen Cui, Scott Niekum, Abhinav Gupta, Vikash Kumar and Aravind RajeswaranCan Foundation Models Perform Zero-Shot Task Specification For Robot Manipulation?
1670Feiran Zhao, Xingchen Li and Keyou YouData-driven Control of Unknown Linear Systems via Quantized Feedback
1761Ce Xu Zheng, Adrià Colomé, Luis Sentis and Carme TorrasMixtures of Controlled Gaussian Processes for Dynamical Modeling of Deformable Objects
1878Santiago Sanchez-Escalonilla Plaza, Rodolfo Reyes-Baez and Bayu JayawardhanaTotal Energy Shaping with Neural Interconnection and Damping Assignment – Passivity Based Control
19163Junhyung Lyle Kim, Panos Toulis and Anastasios KyrillidisConvergence and Stability of the Stochastic Proximal Point Algorithm with Momentum
20171Felipe Galarza-Jiménez, Jorge Poveda and Emiliano Dall’AneseSliding-Seeking Control:Model-Free Optimization with Hard Constraints
21172Bibit Bianchini, Mathew Halm, Nikolai Matni and Michael PosaGeneralization Bounds for Implicit Learning of Nearly Discontinuous Functions
225Abhishek Cauligi, Ankush Chakrabarty, Stefano Di Cairano and Rien QuirynenPRISM: Recurrent Neural Networks and Presolve Methods for Fast Mixed-Integer Optimal Control
2393Shagun Sodhani, Franziska Meier, Joellw Pineau and Amy ZhangBlock Contextual MDPs for Continual Learning
24162Ryan Cosner, Maegan Tucker, Andrew Taylor, Kejun Li, Tamas Molnar, Wyatt Ubelacker, Anil Alan, Gabor Orosz, Yisong Yue and Aaron AmesSafety-Aware Preference-Based Learning for Safety-Critical Control