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Poster Session 3

Poster Session 3 (June 24, Friday, 11:00-12:00)

Poster #Paper #AuthorsPaper Title
186Luca Furieri, Clara Lucía Galimberti, Muhammad Zakwan and Giancarlo Ferrari-TrecateDistributed neural network control with dependability guarantees: a compositional port-Hamiltonian approach
2140Horia Mania, Ali Jadbabaie, Devavrat Shah and Suvrit SraTime varying regression with hidden linear dynamics
3144Riccardo Valperga, Kevin Webster, Dmitry Turaev, Victoria Klein and Jeroen LambStructure-preserving time-reversible symplectic neural networks for learning dynamical systems
455Krista Longi, Jakob Lindinger, Olaf Duennbier, Melih Kandemir, Arto Klami and Barbara RakitschTraversing Time with Multi-Resolution Gaussian Process State-Space Models
568Ali Salamati and Majid ZamaniData-Driven Safety Verification of Stochastic Systems via Barrier Certificates: A Wait-and-Judge Approach
672Rel Guzman, Rafael Oliveira and Fabio RamosAdaptive Model Predictive Control by Learning Classifiers
779Thomas Zhang, Stephen Tu, Nicholas Boffi, Jean-Jacques Slotine and Nikolai MatniAdversarially Robust Stability Certificates can be Sample-Efficient
880Harish S. Bhat, Kevin Collins, Prachi Gupta and Christine M. IsbornDynamic Learning of Correlation Potentials for a Time-Dependent Kohn-Sham System
999Alan Yang, Jie Xiong, Maxim Raginsky and Elyse RosenbaumInput-to-State Stable Neural Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications to Transient Modeling of Circuits
10112Andrea Martin, Luca Furieri, Florian Dörfler, John Lygeros and Giancarlo Ferrari TrecateSafe Control with Minimal Regret
11161Jose Luis Vazquez Espinoza, Alexander Liniger, Wilko Schwarting, Daniela Rus and Luc Van GoolDeep Interactive Motion Prediction and Planning: Playing Games with Motion Prediction Models
12126Adam Thorpe, Thomas Lew, Meeko Oishi and Marco PavoneData-Driven Chance Constrained Control using Kernel Distribution Embeddings
13154Zhichao Li, Thai Duong and Nikolay AtanasovSafe Autonomous Navigation for Systems with Learned SE(3) Hamiltonian Dynamics
14103Rahul Singh, Keuntaek Lee and Yongxin ChenSample-based Distributional Policy Gradient
15181Wanxin Jin, Alp Aydinoglu, Mathew Halm and Michael PosaLearning Linear Complementarity Systems
16182Jan Brüdigam, Martin Schuck, Alexandre Capone, Stefan Sosnowski and Sandra HircheStructure-Preserving Learning Using Gaussian Processes and Variational Integrators
17151Ryan Sander, Wilko Schwarting, Tim Seyde, Igor Gilitschenski, Sertac Karaman and Daniela RusNeighborhood Mixup Experience Replay: Local Convex Interpolation for Improved Sample Efficiency in Continuous Control Tasks
18152Suhail Alsalehi, Erfan Aasi, Ron Weiss and Calin BeltaLearning Spatio-Temporal Specifications for Dynamical Systems
1937Henk van Waarde and Rodolphe SepulchreTraining Lipschitz continuous operators using reproducing kernels
2042Siliang Zeng, Tianyi Chen, Alfredo Garcia and Mingyi HongLearning to Coordinate in Multi-Agent Systems: A Coordinated Actor-Critic Algorithm and Finite-Time Guarantees
2149Yujie Yang, Jianyu Chen and Shengbo LiLearning POMDP Models with Similarity Space Regularization: a Linear Gaussian Case Study
2265Han Wang and James AndersonLearning Linear Models Using Distributed Iterative Hessian Sketching
2316Andrea Sassella, Valentina Breschi and Simone FormentinNoise handling in data-driven predictive control: a strategy based on dynamic mode decomposition
24129Samuel Chevalier, Jochen Stiasny and Spyros ChatzivasileiadisAccelerating Dynamical System Simulations with Contracting and Physics-Projected Neural-Newton Solvers