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Poster Session 4

Poster Session 4 (June 24, Friday, 15:15 – 16:15)

Poster #Paper #AuthorsPaper Title
148Miguel Jaques, Martin Asenov, Michael Burke and Timothy HospedalesVision-based system identification and 3D keypoint discovery using dynamics constraints
276Weiming Zhi, Tin Lai, Lionel Ott and Fabio RamosDiffeomorphic Transforms for Generalised Imitation Learning
327Simon Muntwiler, Kim P. Wabersich and Melanie N. ZeilingerLearning-based Moving Horizon Estimation through Differentiable Convex Optimization Layers
424Baris Kayalibay, Atanas Mirchev, Patrick van der Smagt and Justin BayerTracking and Planning with Spatial World Models
536Brendon G. Anderson and Somayeh SojoudiCertified Robustness via Locally Biased Randomized Smoothing
6124Zihao Zhou, Xingyi Yang, Ryan Rossi, Handong Zhao and Rose YuNeural Point Process for Learning Spatiotemporal Event Dynamics
7184Udaya Ghai, Xinyi Chen, Elad Hazan and Alexandre MegretskiRobust Online Control with Model Misspecification
844Samuel Pfrommer, Tanmay Gautam, Alec Zhou and Somayeh SojoudiSafe Reinforcement Learning with Chance-constrained Model Predictive Control
926Nicola Bastianello, Andrea Simonetto and Emiliano Dall’AneseOpReg-Boost: Learning to Accelerate Online Algorithms with Operator Regression
10122Ameneh Nejati, Bingzhuo Zhong, Marco Caccamo and Majid ZamaniData-Driven Controller Synthesis of Unknown Nonlinear Polynomial Systems via Control Barrier Certificates
1198Benjamin Gravell, Iman Shames and Tyler SummersRobust Data-Driven Output Feedback Control via Bootstrapped Multiplicative Noise
12132Ross Drummond, Stephen Duncan, Mathew Turner, Patricia Pauli and Frank AllgowerBounding the difference between model predictive control and neural networks
13138Zhigen Zhao, Simiao Zuo, Tuo Zhao and Ye ZhaoAdversarially Regularized Policy Learning Guided by Trajectory Optimization
1495Nima Eshraghi and Ben LiangImproving Dynamic Regret in Distributed Online Mirror Descent Using Primal and Dual Information
1539Liliaokeawawa Cothren, Gianluca Bianchin and Emiliano Dall’AneseData-enabled Gradient Flow as Feedback Controller: Regulation of Linear Dynamical Systems to Minimizers of Unknown Functions
1657Jingrong Wang and Ben LiangGradient and Projection Free Distributed Online Min-Max Resource Optimization
17133Milad Farsi, Yinan Li, Ye Yuan and Jun LiuA Piecewise Learning Framework for Control of Nonlinear Systems with Stability Guarantees
18164Francesco De Lellis, Marco Coraggio, Giovanni Russo, Mirco Musolesi and Mario di BernardoControl-Tutored Reinforcement Learning: Towards the Integration of Data-Driven and Model-Based Control