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Poster Session Program

Poster Session 1 (June 23, Thursday, 13:00-14:00)

Poster #Paper #AuthorsPaper Title
133Stephen Tu, Alexander Robey, Tingnan Zhang and Nikolai MatniOn the Sample Complexity of Stability Constrained Imitation Learning
2110Amir Khazraei, Henry Pfister and Miroslav PajicResiliency of Perception-Based Controllers Against Attacks
3146Saber Jafarpour, Matthew Abate, Alexander Davydov, Francesco Bullo and Samuel CooganRobustness Certificates for Implicit Neural Networks: A Mixed Monotone Contractive Approach
47Steven Morad, Stephan Liwicki, Ryan Kortvelesy, Roberto Mecca and Amanda ProrokModeling Partially Observable Systems using Graph-Based Memory and Topological Priors
56Anirudh Vemula, Wen Sun, Maxim Likhachev and J. Andrew BagnellOn the Effectiveness of Iterative Learning Control
64Ting-Han Fan, Xian Yeow Lee and Yubo WangPowerGym: A Reinforcement Learning Environment for Volt-Var Control in Power Distribution Systems
754Samuel LowOptimizing Pointing Sequences with Resource Constraints in Large Satellite Formations using Reinforcement Learning
8141Daniel Gurevich, Debdipta Goswami, Charles L. Fefferman and Clarence W. RowleyOptimal Control with Learning on the Fly: System with Unknown Drift
9170Thomas Lew, Lucas Janson, Riccardo Bonalli and Marco PavoneA Simple and Efficient Sampling-based Algorithm for General Reachability Analysis
1032Yuda Song, Yuan Ye, Wen Sun and Kris KitaniOnline No-regret Model-Based Meta RL for Personalized Navigation
1146Yansong Li and Shuo HanAccelerating Model-Free Policy Optimization Using Model-Based Gradient: A Composite Optimization Perspective
1256Yifeng Jiang, Jiazheng Sun and C. Karen LiuData-Augmented Contact Model for Rigid Body Simulation
13160Muhammed Sayin and Kemal CetinerOn the Heterogeneity of Independent Learning Dynamics in Zero-sum Stochastic Games
14147Julian Viereck, Avadesh Meduri and Ludovic RighettiValueNetQP: Learned one-step optimal control for legged locomotion
15117Ningyuan Zhang, Wenliang Liu and Calin BeltaDistributed Control using Reinforcement Learning with Temporal-Logic-Based Reward Shaping
16106Zhe Du, Necmiye Ozay and Laura BalzanoClustering-based Mode Reduction for Markov Jump Systems
1787Saul Santos, Monica Ekal and Rodrigo VenturaSymplectic Momentum Neural Networks – Using Discrete Variational Mechanics as a prior in Deep Learning
1888Charis Stamouli, Anastasios Tsiamis, Manfred Morari and George J. PappasAdaptive Stochastic MPC under Unknown Noise Distribution
1934Thinh DoanConvergence Rates of Two-Time-Scale Gradient Descent-Ascent Dynamics for Solving Nonconvex Min-Max Problems
20113Tianhao Wei and Changliu LiuSafe Control with Neural Network Dynamic Models
21148Yifei Zhang, Sourav Ukil, Ephraim Neimand, Serban Sabau and Myron HohilSample Complexity of the Robust LQG Regulator with Coprime Factors Uncertainty
22108Marcos VasconcelosLearning distributed channel access policies for networked estimation: data-driven optimization in the mean-field regime
2373Vittorio Caggiano, Huawei Wang, Guillaume Durandau, Massimo Sartori and Vikash KumarMyoSuite: A contact-rich simulation suite for musculoskeletal motor control
2441Franck Djeumou, Cyrus Neary, Eric Goubault, Sylvie Putot and Ufuk TopcuNeural Networks with Physics-Informed Architectures and Constraints for Dynamical Systems Modeling

Poster Session 2 (June 23, Thursday, 16:15-17:15)

Poster #Paper #AuthorsPaper Title
119Haitong Ma, Changliu Liu, Shengbo Eben Li, Sifa Zheng and Jianyu ChenJoint Synthesis of Safety Certificate and Safe Control Policy using Constrained Reinforcement Learning
221Samarth Sinha, Jiaming Song, Animesh Garg and Stefano ErmonExperience Replay with Likelihood-free Importance Weights
340Cameron R. Wolfe and Anastasios Kyrillidisi-SpaSP: Structured Neural Pruning via Sparse Signal Recovery
451Yuanhanqing Huang and Jianghai HuDistributed Stochastic Nash Equilibrium Learning in Locally Coupled Network Games with Unknown Parameters
594Rameez Wajid, Asad Ullah Awan and Majid ZamaniFormal Synthesis of Safety Controllers for Unknown Stochastic Control Systems using Gaussian Process Learning
6165Ivan Dario Jimenez Rodriguez, Noel Csomay-Shanklin, Yisong Yue and Aaron D. AmesNeural Gaits: Learning Bipedal Locomotion via Control Barrier Functions and Zero Dynamics Policies
71Daniel JungAutomated Design of Grey-Box Recurrent Neural Networks For Fault Diagnosis using Structural Models and Causal Information
817Olle Kjellqvist and Anders RantzerLearning-Enabled Robust Control with Noisy Measurements
959Gautam Goel and Babak HassibiOnline estimation and control with optimal pathlength regret
1069Franck Djeumou and Ufuk TopcuLearning How to Reach, Swim, Walk and Fly in One Trial: Control of Unknown Systems with Scarce Data and Side Information
1183Agustin Castellano, Hancheng Min, Enrique Mallada and Juan Andrés BazerqueReinforcement Learning with Almost Sure Constraints
12142Lukas Brunke, Siqi Zhou and Angela P. SchoelligBarrier Bayesian Linear Regression: Online Learning of Control Barrier Conditions for Safety-Critical Control of Uncertain Systems
13180Brett Lopez and Jean-Jacques SlotineAdaptive Variants of Optimal Feedback Policies
14167Raghu Arghal, Eric Lei and Shirin Saeedi BidokhtiRobust Graph Neural Networks via Probabilistic Lipschitz Constraints
15143Yuchen Cui, Scott Niekum, Abhinav Gupta, Vikash Kumar and Aravind RajeswaranCan Foundation Models Perform Zero-Shot Task Specification For Robot Manipulation?
1670Feiran Zhao, Xingchen Li and Keyou YouData-driven Control of Unknown Linear Systems via Quantized Feedback
1761Ce Xu Zheng, Adrià Colomé, Luis Sentis and Carme TorrasMixtures of Controlled Gaussian Processes for Dynamical Modeling of Deformable Objects
1878Santiago Sanchez-Escalonilla Plaza, Rodolfo Reyes-Baez and Bayu JayawardhanaTotal Energy Shaping with Neural Interconnection and Damping Assignment – Passivity Based Control
19163Junhyung Lyle Kim, Panos Toulis and Anastasios KyrillidisConvergence and Stability of the Stochastic Proximal Point Algorithm with Momentum
20171Felipe Galarza-Jiménez, Jorge Poveda and Emiliano Dall’AneseSliding-Seeking Control:Model-Free Optimization with Hard Constraints
21172Bibit Bianchini, Mathew Halm, Nikolai Matni and Michael PosaGeneralization Bounds for Implicit Learning of Nearly Discontinuous Functions
225Abhishek Cauligi, Ankush Chakrabarty, Stefano Di Cairano and Rien QuirynenRecurrent Neural Networks and Presolve Methods for Fast Mixed-integer Optimal Control
2393Shagun Sodhani, Franziska Meier, Joellw Pineau and Amy ZhangBlock Contextual MDPs for Continual Learning
24162Ryan Cosner, Maegan Tucker, Andrew Taylor, Kejun Li, Tamas Molnar, Wyatt Ubelacker, Anil Alan, Gabor Orosz, Yisong Yue and Aaron AmesSafety-Aware Preference-Based Learning for Safety-Critical Control

Poster Session 3 (June 24, Friday, 11:00-12:00)

Poster #Paper #AuthorsPaper Title
186Luca Furieri, Clara Lucía Galimberti, Muhammad Zakwan and Giancarlo Ferrari-TrecateDistributed neural network control with dependability guarantees: a compositional port-Hamiltonian approach
2140Horia Mania, Ali Jadbabaie, Devavrat Shah and Suvrit SraTime varying regression with hidden linear dynamics
3144Riccardo Valperga, Kevin Webster, Dmitry Turaev, Victoria Klein and Jeroen LambStructure-preserving time-reversible symplectic neural networks for learning dynamical systems
455Krista Longi, Jakob Lindinger, Olaf Duennbier, Melih Kandemir, Arto Klami and Barbara RakitschTraversing Time with Multi-Resolution Gaussian Process State-Space Models
568Ali Salamati and Majid ZamaniData-Driven Safety Verification of Stochastic Systems via Barrier Certificates: A Wait-and-Judge Approach
672Rel Guzman, Rafael Oliveira and Fabio RamosAdaptive Model Predictive Control by Learning Classifiers
779Thomas Zhang, Stephen Tu, Nicholas Boffi, Jean-Jacques Slotine and Nikolai MatniAdversarially Robust Stability Certificates can be Sample-Efficient
880Harish S. Bhat, Kevin Collins, Prachi Gupta and Christine M. IsbornDynamic Learning of Correlation Potentials for a Time-Dependent Kohn-Sham System
999Alan Yang, Jie Xiong, Maxim Raginsky and Elyse RosenbaumInput-to-State Stable Neural Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications to Transient Modeling of Circuits
10112Andrea Martin, Luca Furieri, Florian Dörfler, John Lygeros and Giancarlo Ferrari TrecateSafe Control with Minimal Regret
11161Jose Luis Vazquez Espinoza, Alexander Liniger, Wilko Schwarting, Daniela Rus and Luc Van GoolDeep Interactive Motion Prediction and Planning: Playing Games with Motion Prediction Models
12126Adam Thorpe, Thomas Lew, Meeko Oishi and Marco PavoneData-Driven Chance Constrained Control using Kernel Distribution Embeddings
13154Zhichao Li, Thai Duong and Nikolay AtanasovSafe Autonomous Navigation for Systems with Learned SE(3) Hamiltonian Dynamics
14103Rahul Singh, Keuntaek Lee and Yongxin ChenSample-based Distributional Policy Gradient
15181Wanxin Jin, Alp Aydinoglu, Mathew Halm and Michael PosaLearning Linear Complementarity Systems
16182Jan Brüdigam, Martin Schuck, Alexandre Capone, Stefan Sosnowski and Sandra HircheStructure-Preserving Learning Using Gaussian Processes and Variational Integrators
17151Ryan Sander, Wilko Schwarting, Tim Seyde, Igor Gilitschenski, Sertac Karaman and Daniela RusNeighborhood Mixup Experience Replay: Local Convex Interpolation for Improved Sample Efficiency in Continuous Control Tasks
18152Suhail Alsalehi, Erfan Aasi, Ron Weiss and Calin BeltaLearning Spatio-Temporal Specifications for Dynamical Systems
1937Henk van Waarde and Rodolphe SepulchreTraining Lipschitz continuous operators using reproducing kernels
2042Siliang Zeng, Tianyi Chen, Alfredo Garcia and Mingyi HongLearning to Coordinate in Multi-Agent Systems: A Coordinated Actor-Critic Algorithm and Finite-Time Guarantees
2149Yujie Yang, Jianyu Chen and Shengbo LiLearning POMDP Models with Similarity Space Regularization: a Linear Gaussian Case Study
2265Han Wang and James AndersonLearning Linear Models Using Distributed Iterative Hessian Sketching
2316Andrea Sassella, Valentina Breschi and Simone FormentinNoise handling in data-driven predictive control: a strategy based on dynamic mode decomposition
24129Samuel Chevalier, Jochen Stiasny and Spyros ChatzivasileiadisAccelerating Dynamical System Simulations with Contracting and Physics-Projected Neural-Newton Solvers

Poster Session 4 (June 24, Friday, 15:15 – 16:15)

Poster #Paper #AuthorsPaper Title
148Miguel Jaques, Martin Asenov, Michael Burke and Timothy HospedalesVision-based system identification and 3D keypoint discovery using dynamics constraints
276Weiming Zhi, Tin Lai, Lionel Ott and Fabio RamosDiffeomorphic Transforms for Generalised Imitation Learning
327Simon Muntwiler, Kim P. Wabersich and Melanie N. ZeilingerLearning-based Moving Horizon Estimation through Differentiable Convex Optimization Layers
424Baris Kayalibay, Atanas Mirchev, Patrick van der Smagt and Justin BayerTracking and Planning with Spatial World Models
536Brendon G. Anderson and Somayeh SojoudiCertified Robustness via Locally Biased Randomized Smoothing
6124Zihao Zhou, Xingyi Yang, Ryan Rossi, Handong Zhao and Rose YuNeural Point Process for Learning Spatiotemporal Event Dynamics
7184Udaya Ghai, Xinyi Chen, Elad Hazan and Alexandre MegretskiRobust Online Control with Model Misspecification
844Samuel Pfrommer, Tanmay Gautam, Alec Zhou and Somayeh SojoudiSafe Reinforcement Learning with Chance-constrained Model Predictive Control
926Nicola Bastianello, Andrea Simonetto and Emiliano Dall’AneseOpReg-Boost: Learning to Accelerate Online Algorithms with Operator Regression
10122Ameneh Nejati, Bingzhuo Zhong, Marco Caccamo and Majid ZamaniData-Driven Controller Synthesis of Unknown Nonlinear Polynomial Systems via Control Barrier Certificates
1198Benjamin Gravell, Iman Shames and Tyler SummersRobust Data-Driven Output Feedback Control via Bootstrapped Multiplicative Noise
12132Ross Drummond, Stephen Duncan, Mathew Turner, Patricia Pauli and Frank AllgowerBounding the difference between model predictive control and neural networks
13138Zhigen Zhao, Simiao Zuo, Tuo Zhao and Ye ZhaoAdversarially Regularized Policy Learning Guided by Trajectory Optimization
1495Nima Eshraghi and Ben LiangImproving Dynamic Regret in Distributed Online Mirror Descent Using Primal and Dual Information
1539Liliaokeawawa Cothren, Gianluca Bianchin and Emiliano Dall’AneseData-enabled Gradient Flow as Feedback Controller: Regulation of Linear Dynamical Systems to Minimizers of Unknown Functions
1657Jingrong Wang and Ben LiangGradient and Projection Free Distributed Online Min-Max Resource Optimization
17133Milad Farsi, Yinan Li, Ye Yuan and Jun LiuA Piecewise Learning Framework for Control of Nonlinear Systems with Stability Guarantees
18164Francesco De Lellis, Marco Coraggio, Giovanni Russo, Mirco Musolesi and Mario di BernardoControl-Tutored Reinforcement Learning: Towards the Integration of Data-Driven and Model-Based Control